As my first race of 2015 fast approaches I thought I should take the time to quickly recap the end of my 2014 season.

XC.... Highs and Lows

A lot of the top runners in the OCAA graduated this past year and Fansahw who has dominated the OCAA for the last 7 years lost several of their top runners. Despite the turnover of their athletes Fanshaw did not make it any easier to beat them and made us work for every place. For me this season was for the most part frustrating. I was having great workouts but it wasn't showing in my results.  I consistently finished 6th-8th and my times for the most part didn't get any faster. * As a road racer you really put emphasis on your time, however for xc it is much more about place than time since the difficulty level of each course varies.

Probably the most disappointing race of the whole season for me was Provincials. My personal goal for the season was to come in the top 7 at Provincials so that I could make the Ontario team which also races at Nationals or at the very least Place in the top 14 so that I could get Second All Ontario status.  After having come at least 8th all season  I felt that I had a really good chance  at achieving my goals. Unfortunately I bombed Provincials and wound up in 18th.  Even worse after winning every race as a team all season it was a little disappointing to slip back to second.

We had about 2 weeks between Provincials and Nationals to regroup. Going into Nationals I wanted   to be one of the top 7 finisher from Ontario and prove to myself that I could have made Team Ontario. The course was a 2 km loop and we had to do it 4 times. I ran a well paced race and it turned out to be the best race of my season. I ended up coming 18th over all and finished 8th out of the  Ontario runners. Humber took home gold! It was the first time ever that Humber's Men's XC team has taken home National Gold.It was a great way to end the season and a great last race as a Humber Hawk.

Tannenbaum 10km

After my xc season wrapped up I took it easy for a bit. I continued to get some runs in and maintain my fitness but I wasn't doing hard interval workouts or speed work. I wanted to set a new 10 km PB and was aiming to run a 34:30. It was a pretty competitive field so I knew it would be a fast race and that I just needed to focus on running my own race.  Just before the half way point I broke away from the pack I was running with and caught up with the pack ahead of me.  In that moment I thought  " what the heck are you doing". I felt strong and relaxed so at about 7 km I broke away from the pack again. From there on I was on my own.  I turned on my burners and hopped I wouldn't run out of gas. I felt like I could just keep pushing myself harder and harder and that's what I did. I finished 4th over with a time of 33:36. My first 5km split was 16:59 and my second split was 16:37! After a hard xc season of running difficult courses it was so nice to run fast again.

Plans for 2015

^ Milage

^ Speed

Run more and run faster.