Chilly 1/2 Marathon

This is my second year in a row running the Chilly 1/2. It's a great event and a good race to test out how your winter training has been going (also the weather seems to improve every year).  


It's fair to say that the goal is to run a PB for most races. We put a lot of time into training and we constantly push ourselves to improve. It's our natural instinct to do our BEST in a race.  However, looking at my race season and knowing where I am in my training, an all out effort wasn't ideal and it would ultimately hinder my training for my long-term goals. 

The main goals for this race was to feel comfortable and in control. The race plan was: 10km @3:30/km , 11.1km @ mid 3:20's and to not aggressively race anyone until the final 5km.

I'll admit that it was hard going into a race knowing that the given plan meant not running a PB.  It was an exercise of self-control and discipline to say the least.  I am happy to say that I executed the race plan pretty much perfectly and it felt pretty good. Unfortunately I have been dealing with a strained calf this week so I wasn't able to push the pace much during the final 5km.  There was a group closing on me in the final few kilometres and I knew that if they caught me I wouldn't be able to push the pace without further straining my calf.  I felt aerobically fit and like I could have held the pace for longer but increasing the pace would have further strained my calf. Lucky for me, they ran out of real estate to catch me.... had there been another 500m I am pretty sure they would've caught me and out kicked me (I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU DAVE & TYLER) 


Over all I am really happy that I stuck to the race plan. I felt strong and fit.  I am going to have to do some cross training to give my calf a chance to fully heal so that I can kick it up into high gear in the later stages of the race next time.

Congratulations to everyone who raced today. There were a lot of fast times. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of guys in the mid 2:30:00's in the Marathon this year! Super excited to see everyone progress and get faster.