April 4th 2016

Going into this race the plan was to run my marathon pace. Not having the training for a Spring Marathon to back me up M-pace over 30km would be a good challenge. 

I try not to look at the weather until a few days before a race because 1) It can change 2) I don’t like wasting energy worrying about things I cannot control.  Instead of letting the weather stress me out I focus on how it shapes my race plan and what I can do to execute a smart race. The conditions weren’t ideal with strong winds hitting you hard for a long stretch before you head into the final 10km with rolling hills.  With this in mind I wanted to start off on the conservative side so I would be able to still move in on the last 10km.


A good group had formed in the early stages of the race and although they were on the fast end of my desired pace I thought it would be better to stick with them so I wouldn’t be left alone in the windy sections.  Our group actually ended up catching another smaller group ahead of us at witch point I dropped to the back for a little shelter and more space.

Around the 20km I found myself pulling ahead of the group on the rolling hills. My Garmin showed that I was still holding my goal pace so I figured that they were dropping off pace vs me speeding up and over reaching.  From this point on I was able to look ahead and spot runners that were struggling in no mans land. I and focused on catching up to them and picking them off. 


With 4km to go I tried to pick up the pace and finish strong.  Unfortunately my body didn’t respond. I had an extra Endurance Tap in my pocket but my stomach was feeling a little cramped from the Gatorade and I didn’t want to risk making it worse by taking anything else. I was able to maintain my pace but I had no extra speed. Knowing that I didn’t have another gear I had to look over my shoulder to see if there was anyone on me.  I knew Tyler and Dave wouldn’t be far behind me. Both of them are training for a Spring marathon and I know that they have more training miles logged and more fitness in the bank. Luckily I had put enough distance between us earlier on and they didn’t catch me.


27/30km of the run I felt like I was in good fighting shape.  During the last 3km I felt like I was drowning.  After the final push I crossed the line light headed , nauseous  and relived that  that I was able to hang on to my place.

Over all I am really happy with this performance.  This Winter/Spring cycle has been more about attaining a good level of fitness without driving myself into the ground and carrying this fitness over to my spring/summer training instead of needing to take a break and hit the restart button.  

Congratulations to everyone that raced yesterday! I am looking forward to seeing some fast Spring Marathons. I‘ll admit I am a little sad that I won’t be running one but I’ve got to take some time to work on other things before I gear up for a Fall Marathon.

- ebang 


10km splits : 35:05, 35:11, 36:36