June 17th, 2016


I say this every year, so believe me when I say that the Toronto Ekiden is my favourite race of the year.

There are no participant medals, race shirts or road closures and there aren’t 1000’s of participants. It’s just all the Toronto run clubs and community members that do the grind day in and day out all year around, out on a quiet paved/dirt/gravel road.

Since 2014 I have been running between 33:36- 33:33 for the 10km and last night I finally took an axe to those times running a 32:22.

I pride myself on running smart well executed race plans / even splits. But last night when I took off of the start line I took off flying and I didn’t settle into my goal pace. I was running well under my goal pace.

My goal pace was 3:15/km which seemed daunting to me considering that it was 5 seconds faster than my previous 10km race pace. Even tho the pace was a little intimidating I knew that I could do it because it’s what I have been training for and what my training indicated that I was capable of. If there is anything in this world that I  believe and trust in it is my training.

There are 2 ways to hit your goal pace a) even splits b) go out hard and then fade to your goal pace (this option tends to lead even non- religious people to prayer during the second half - please don’t die).  I went with option B deciding to use the leaders to pull me to a really fast first half (15:45 ) and then did my best to fight and  keep my pace below 3:15/km on the second half. I am happy to say that even tho I did have a slower 2nd half (16:37) it wasn’t a dramatic crash and burn scenario . That being said I think that I will go back to running even splits.

A big goal of mine this cycle was to make significant improvement in my 10km &  ½ marathon time. I know that in order for my marathon time to improve my 10km & ½  also have to improve.  I am really happy with the results that all of my winter/spring training have gotten me and am looking forward starting to build up for a fall marathon come July.

Thank you to the Black Lungs Toronto for once again bringing our community together and putting on an awesome event.