MARCH 7th 2017

Here is what the 5 weeks prior to the Chilly Half Marathon looked like for me.


2 Weeks trying to train while injured

1  Week easy milage, no workouts, treatment at the Runner’s Academy

1 Week back to doing workouts (way off pace)

1 Week tapper

Going into the Chilly ½ I figured that I should run conservatively and aim for my average pace to be between 3:24/km-3:26/km. My main goal was to run even 5km splits and to feel strong.

Unlike most races where I end up in no man’s land, I had someone to run with for pretty much the whole race. He was holding 3:23/km and I figured that it would be easier to push myself to run 3:23/km with him than to fall back and run 3:24/km-3:26/km alone. At 16km with just over 5km to go I was feeling pretty comfortable. I told myself that there was less than 20mins left of racing and that I if I made it this far comfortably that I could spend the short time remaining pushing myself and suffering. I finished strong covering the last 5km in 16:32.


5km-16:54 (16:54)

10km- 33:49 (16:55)

15km- 50:49 (17:00)

20km- 107:21 (16:32)

I am really happy with how in control of the pace I was and especially with how strong my last 5km was.

I am signed up to do the Montreal ½ at the end of April. Hopefully I will be able to string together 6 weeks of quality workouts before then so that I can get after a sub 70min ½.  

Thanks to Kelly Arnott for putting on another great event. It’s wonderful that she is able to assemble such a competitive field to get out there and go after it in freezing conditions!

Last but not least, a big congratulations to Aaron Cooper on running 1:07:46! I can’t wait to see what he does this spring in the Marathon.

- Eric