I was happily surprised with Saturday's results. I haven't successfully completed a workout in the last 3 weeks, so going into the race I really had no expectations. I had initially planned on just running a controlled 16 min flat 5k, but once the race started that plan went out the window.

I knew that I wasn't the best prepared for the race, but if someone was going to beat me I wanted to make sure that they had to work for it.


Heading into the second lap of Queens Park I took over the lead, to my surprise I was still leading when we turned on to Wellsely.

I was certain that there were at least 2 guys just sitting back waiting to out kick me. I allowed myself a quick look over my shoulder and saw that there was a little bit of distance between myself and the next runner.  Having not done speed work for almost a month I knew that if he caught up I wouldn't have another gear to match his kick so I tried as best as I could to hold my pace.

It wasn't until I approached Church St. that I knew that anyone in pursuit had run out of road to run me down.

I eased up my pace and as I approached the finish line I threw my arms up and celebrated over the last few strides.

The Pride & Remembrance run is very special to me as it brings two communities that have had a profound impact on my life together. I have raced The Pride 5k every year since 2010. I have placed between 17th - 2nd over the years. To have finally won is a wonderful feeling.

2010: 17:37 - 11th

2011: 17:39 15th

2012: 16:33 - 4th

2013: 16:53 - 17th

2014: 16:48 - 5th

2015: 15:46 - 2nd

2016:15:29 - 3rd

2017: 15:44 - 1st

Thank you and congratulation to Nathan Monk for putting together a wonderful event. I hope that you enjoyed stepping into the role as race director! We as a community are so lucky to have you take on this role.

I have about another week of building my mileage before I start Marathon training.  I haven't run much more than 130km/week since October, considering this I am pretty pleased with the improvements that I have made over the winter & spring. I am looking forward to increasing the mileage and gaining the fitness that will come with it. I might not be quite where I was at this time last year, but I still feel like I am in a great position as I get ready for my Marathon build.