A couple days leading up to the race my friend mentioned that Trevor Hofbauer and Josh Bolton would be racing. I told him that he was comparing apples to tomatoes to potatoes Trevor has a 1:04:300 HM, Josh has a 1:07:41 HM and I have a 1:10:55 HM -  There are big gaps between our fitness levels and I didn’t anticipate being able to use them to pull me to a fast time.

Going into the race I was pretty confident that I could hold 3:10/km and shoot for a 31:40-45.  If things went really well I thought I could maybe run a 31:30.

Although I felt confident in holding 3:10/km the thought of splitting through 5km in 15:50 seemed a little crazy to me…  It might have seemed crazy but that didn’t mean I was afraid of trying.

After the gun went off I found myself running beside Josh. The pace was faster than what I had planned on running but I didn’t feel like I was expending any extra effort to keep up with him.



We crossed through 5km in 15:33 ( 4 sec off my 5km PB) and I just thought to myself do not back down MAKE THE MOST OF THIS!

By seven 7km I kept telling myself to just stay with him a little longer!  Hang on until at least 8km, hang on until you get to the boardwalk, hang on until 9km. At 9km Josh started to pull away slowly. My thoughts turned to - try to get back a meter, try to get back a foot don’t let the gap grow anymore, he might not come back to you but you have to keep working right through the finish line.


Even though Josh pulled away over the last kilometer I am really happy with how I closed. I ran the last kilometer in 3:03 and he ran it in  2:57. He wasn’t pulling away because I was running bad or fading, we were both picking it up and running really well he was simply running faster!

12 weeks ago I ran 15:45 at the Pride 5km. Yesterday my 5km splits were 15:33 & 15:40.



The athlete that I was 12 weeks ago isn’t the athlete that I am today. And that is what I love about running. You change, you grow and you get stronger.

I am 4 weeks out from Chicago and am really happy with the fitness that I was able to demonstrate yesterday.  I can’t wait for October 8th.

Thank you Longboat Road Runners for putting on another great race! I always appreciate the opportunity to get out and race, especially in Toronto!