I have to be honest and say that I am not happy with my result. I have used this race as a tune up race for my fall marathon for the last 2 years. Each time I have raced this event and put my finishing time into Jack Daniels’ Vdot Running Calculator, I have gone on to run it’s predicted marathon time +/- a couple seconds. This time plugging my finishing time into a calculator isn’t going to be helpful. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s forced me to have a deep review of my race/training and to check my confidence in myself… do I believe in this result or do I believe in myself enough to not let this result dictate the out come of my Marathon?

I ran a small pb of 30:41. This result is only a couple seconds faster than what I ran back in June when I was coming back from injury. After a whole summer of consistent quality training I was really hoping for more than a 7 second PB.

I thought that I could run around a 30:10-30:15. I didn’t let the wind deter me from my goal. Knowing that the second half of the course would be more challenging than the first half I planned on splitting through the first 5km in 15:00 and then fighting for every second over the second half.


My 5km splits ended up being 14:53 & 15:48. Obviously my plan did not workout and looking at those splits it looks like I was delusional to believe in my plan in the first place.

I know that this result is the best that I could do on the day given the circumstances and conditions and not a reflection of what I am actually capable of.

The positives

I am fast!

Although it was not the objective of the day, for the first time in my life I ran 5km under 15 min! I am probably more proud of this than I should be! I have never thought of myself as ‘fast’. I have always thought of myself as - steady and strong. After breaking 2:30:00 in the Marathon I asked myself what I would have to run for me to qualify myself as fast. Sub 15:00 in the 5km is what I wrote down. For some reason 15:00 seems more crazy to me than 2:20:00 and there was a time I didn’t think either of these were possible.


I had the opportunity to push myself in less than ideal conditions and circumstances. Fighting the wind on my own took it’s toll on my overall pace BUT it did not break me and I did not fold. The fact of the matter is that in every marathon there will be rough patches that you have to work through and I got to experience that 5-8km and come out the other side still pushing hard to finish strong over the last 2km. It was a great opportunity to practice perseverance.


Demonstrate/obtain fitness!

Although my final result didn’t demonstrate the fitness that I wanted it to, I pushed hard, put my body under pressure and my body will get to absorb the benefits of that effort. There is a tweet that Reid Coolsaet put out in the univere the other day which I feel is really applicable to this whole experience “Sometimes I have to remind myself that the point of a session is to gain fitness, not to prove fitness. This takes confidence and patience. Easy to do properly when you’ve recently had a good race result.” It reminded me that races in marathon builds… (for me) aren’t the same as goal races, they ultimately are just another session in the build to put towards my goal race. Yes it’s nice if I get to a glimpse of fitness from them but ultimately no matter how it goes as long as I am working I am building fitness.

In the end this might not have been the result I wanted but my confidence is not shaken and I still believe in my ability to achieve the goals that I have set out for myself.

I am really excited that the fall racing season is underway there have been so many huge results and breakthroughs already ANDREW THUSS and things are just getting started.

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